1.Real Estate Investment

To fulfill our investors′ needs, we collect a wide array of real-time information on the market as well as specific investment opportunities.

We then propose a business plan best suited for that particular investment and for that particular investor.

Market research and feasibility studies are conducted using third party data such as engineering report , appraisals and other objective studies.

This and other real estate consulting activities are provided according to our client´s specific needs and requirements.

Prorose efficient business plan

2.Asset Management

NB’s Asset management team performs a wide array of services from start of investment to final disposition.

We aim to maximize and stabilize revenues based on our knowledge and experience within the marketplace and ultimately result in a“value-add’’service by providing a safe and secure investment for onr investors while at the same time contributing to the local economy.

We position our view from our investors′perspective and maximize the value of our assets under management.

Maximize Asset Value